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staatzstreich @staatzstreich 2021/09/29 21:40

Learn new things ... #threejs #webGL with #threejsJourney by @bruno_simon and have a lot of fun pic.twitter.com/VvJIufec8E

I think I've fallen in love with maths again 💙📐
#threejs #threejsjourney #javascript pic.twitter.com/oEv1yVZyF5

What a cool lesson from #threejsJourney. So much fun, thank you @bruno_simon ! pic.twitter.com/VNfzEkALm0

Benjamin Rochez @BenjaminRochez 2021/09/25 08:30

I'm working on a little something to put together everything I've learned with @bruno_simon 's #threejsJourney Here's a little sneak peek ✨👨‍🚀 pic.twitter.com/GY9KDPNqKP

Chapter 13 is done. This is by far one of the best courses I've ever taken. #threejsjourney pic.twitter.com/IOdlJEPEm6

Andy Canales R. @RubenCanalesR 2021/09/22 04:42

I made this animation with sound, starting from the haunted house of @bruno_simon made in his ThreeJS course. Thanks for the teachings! A very impressive course n.n #ThreeJSJourney #threejs pic.twitter.com/06U4wDCbK4

Just finished #ThreeJSJourney from @bruno_simon.

Trying some 3D Product Page : i-phone3d.vercel.app

#threejs #WebGL

Justin Gilman @eyeofmidas 2021/09/20 22:06

I'm slowly working my way through #ThreeJSJourney and I thought I'd post some progress! (I went a little off-script, but I finished the Materials chapter!) pic.twitter.com/0wCwRTxykS

@bruno_simon you asked to see our burgers, so here is my burger!

It's nothing special but was cool to do. pic.twitter.com/sEUqPMNKlu

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