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Akshit Sehgal @AkieeSehgal 2022/05/08 14:08

Time to deliver a few packages soon 🚚

Still, looks magical every time I render a scene 😍

Thanks to @bruno_simon & #threejsjourney always for introducing webGL & blender 😃

#threejs #blender3d #webgl pic.twitter.com/LsRTbo1LXE

Hey everyone !
I'm slowly working on an advanced version of our website with some cool animations with @threejs - @greensock and some custom #shaders.

Starting with our logo in the background and a cloud effect ☁️

#threejs #threejsJourney #webgl #3D pic.twitter.com/TyjasXgoEW

After months of working on it, I'm thrilled to announce I've just submitted my dissertation!

It's the biggest thing I've worked on and I'm quite proud of how it turned out

Here's a (very tiny) preview - stay tuned for the live link

#threejs #webgl #creativecode #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/PzOJeYeInS

You can create multiple viewpoints very easily in #threejs thanks to #gsap.

@greensock and @threejs you're making such a cute couple, when's the wedding ? 🥲

code in comments ⬇️

beautiful model from @Azadux !
#threejsJourney #webgl pic.twitter.com/xa6FixnINI

Jay Linsell @JayLinsell 2022/05/06 05:44

Blender model's now in three.js.
Still playing with colours, textures and overall scene.
A tonne of work to go still.

The also need to work out how to put rotation limits on the eye, but progress is progress! 😄
#threejs #threejsJourney #blender #needMoreTimeAndCoffee pic.twitter.com/DRcG38t0n6

Well, well...
Been really busy in the last few weeks, but still managed to make some changes in my @threejs website.
Have been using a lot of knowledge from the course of @bruno_simon #threejsjourney.
Can't wait to build it even further. Cya! #threejs pic.twitter.com/kRfTk5RSXm

Michal Zalobny @zalobnymichal 2022/05/05 08:20

My approach to recreating @monopo_en main page effect.

First time coding refraction (on the edges of lens) +
everything including the movement of the lens is computed in shaders 💫

Link: tinyurl.com/25ju6php
Code: tinyurl.com/2u8nvy9f

#threejsjourney #webgl pic.twitter.com/Xe8skb2FWc

Lindsay Kerr @kerr_linz 2022/05/04 11:38

Anthurium house plant, modelled and textured in #blender, and which is now happily being animated on my browser with the help of #threejs. First little project since the start of the #threejsJourney. Its taking a bit of time but those Blender hotkeys are coming back to me.😅 pic.twitter.com/2d2iACDlyD

Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/05/02 18:01

Live: ola-research.vercel.app

Another update on @OLA_research organic architecture using #threejs. Now, we have the lights baked into the textures and the post-processing effects. I also show a little bit of the process. I hope you like it 😊 #creativecoding #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/VNaRbQTtCE

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