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Photo of agusegui Agu Seguí
Agu Seguí @agusegui 2023/01/10 19:56

I couldn’t be more grateful to @bruno_simon and the #threejsjourney for this mind blowing trip. A few years ago I didn’t know what a for loop was, much less a shader. You have changed everything, dude! pic.twitter.com/giQglNOb9N

Photo of Third_dm_3d Third-dimension
Third-dimension @Third_dm_3d 2023/01/10 17:36

We are glad to introduce one of the most interesting projects of 2022
Many thanks to Corvus Research team for the trust


#webgl #threejs #interactive #threejsJourney #React pic.twitter.com/OS9x89qHOO

Photo of DekierMarcin Marcin Dekier
Marcin Dekier @DekierMarcin 2023/01/10 10:37

Update 1.0.0 is live! 🥳


- New space "Kitchen"
- New models: 16
- Fixed models: 9
- Video: 2
- Textures: 14
- Images: 6
- Lightmaps: 24
and a lot more...

#threejs #js #vue #Blender #3D #3dmodeling #threejsJourney @Andersonmancini @bruno_simon pic.twitter.com/IDd0VE3XBM

Photo of Rye1996 Z Is Working
Z Is Working @Rye1996 2023/01/09 07:39

Finally! Almost finish my #threejs website about Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. It's using what I learned from the #threejsjourney by @bruno_simon and putting it into introducing something I'm passionate about! URL: alfa-romeo-33-story.vercel.app First time making a site, so excited! 🤗 pic.twitter.com/veXMeyQDXX

Photo of Reyfenberg Stefan Reifenberg
Stefan Reifenberg @Reyfenberg 2023/01/04 19:29

Shoe configurator made in @threlte including @stripe checkout. Ported from the original #r3f example. Thanks to @joshnuss for the recent sveltekit e-commerce example.
#threejs #threejsJourney @SvelteSociety #sveltekit pic.twitter.com/qfJVDbp4oW

Photo of angela_busato Angela Busato 👩‍💻📷
Angela Busato 👩‍💻📷 @angela_busato 2023/01/04 16:55

Finished the first 3D scene with Blender following the #threejsJourney course!! 🎉 pic.twitter.com/4qSa3fcHQG

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Wishes you a happy new year 2023 !
Try out our interactive card made with #threejs !


#webgl #javascript #threeJsJourney #web3d pic.twitter.com/J3aAuNPohN

@sihing_guppy @threejs I learned a lot. didn't make it to complete all 12 days. no lights. using matcap and baked texture just for performance. rapier is very light engine. this won't heat up our mobiles. try react and r3f with ar.js next hopefully. merry christmas! #threejs #ARjs #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/i8MBCvKUoj

Learning #r3f by remaking old projects. State management has been a challenge #threejs #threejsjourney #reactjs #TicTacToe pic.twitter.com/03bTP02zN6

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