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Photo of Andersonmancini Anderson Mancini
Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2023/05/16 14:21

😍I'm thrilled to announce my new #threejs post-processing effect. The ultimate #R3F LensFlare. It will be released soon. Stay tuned ⚡️

Thanks to @0xca0a, @MaximeHeckel, @maya_ndljk, @abernier_, @Cody_J_Bennett and @vis_prime for the help in the @pmndrs server❤️

#threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/M7bIwxaqtJ

Photo of KanishakMahend2 Kanishak Mahendiratta
Kanishak Mahendiratta @KanishakMahend2 2023/05/15 18:43

Abstract Sci-Fi Animation in three.js
inspiration : @Ducky3d
#threejs #r3f #webgl #3D #threejsjourney #webdev #reactthreefiber pic.twitter.com/9YueCdlPyB

Photo of BrickheadJohnny BrickheadJohnny
BrickheadJohnny @BrickheadJohnny 2023/05/14 16:36

Here's my latest project - let's explore some of the @guildxyz LEGO models in 3D! 🔥
Built with R3F (@pmndrs), and learned @threejs from the amazing #threejsjourney course by @bruno_simon. Models exported from @Mecabricks.

➡️ guild-lego-explorer.vercel.app

#threejs #lego

Photo of Buninman Alex Buninman
Alex Buninman @Buninman 2023/05/13 15:21

Lesson 23. Raycaster and Mouse Events😃
it was really difficult to do manual animation playback. I would like more lessons on working with Blender animation👍

#threejsjourney #raycaster #web pic.twitter.com/nIwUBU5Rdj

Photo of Buninman Alex Buninman
Alex Buninman @Buninman 2023/05/12 17:51

This simple animation took me a lot of time.🙇‍♂️I had to learn how to work with bones in a Blender to do everything right.
But I am happy and I hope to show the result soon!😄
#threejs #threejsjourney #animation #3d pic.twitter.com/HOfHLqrTnP

Photo of jonny0_0 Jonny Reid
Jonny Reid @jonny0_0 2023/05/10 10:40

Pumpkin plant growing over time in the scene. I need to add some bounce between the stages so it's a bit more fun.

The models need to be a bit simpler. It's a little hard to read the leaves here.

#threejs #webgl #threejsjourney #webanimation pic.twitter.com/1Jd8hCQV9G

Had so much fun exploring @threejs lightings with 3D models!

#threejsjourney pic.twitter.com/h6ZzVu4kPW

Photo of Yazdun Yazdun | Frontend Dev
Yazdun | Frontend Dev @Yazdun 2023/05/09 05:14

Day 35 of #100DaysOfCode | #threejsJourney

Today I spent the whole time on NextJs docs and learning about the new changes, there is so much to learn on that front that I can hardly spend time on anything else!

But I managed to keep up with my ThreeJs course anyways 🚀 pic.twitter.com/sYmAwLX0T3

An Interactive Weather Forecast ☁️
☀️: lowpoly-weather.vercel.app

Thinking of using this for a real-time weather app 🤔, but I need to create more models for all weather conditions😅

#threejs #r3f #reactthreefiber #webgl #3d #threejsjourney #webdev #lowpoly #reactjs pic.twitter.com/ITnzGmxGto

Photo of thenoatorious $𝗻𝗼𝗮𝗸𝗶.𝗲𝘁𝗵
$𝗻𝗼𝗮𝗸𝗶.𝗲𝘁𝗵 @thenoatorious 2023/05/08 03:19

Blender is so much fun! I got distracted from the original idea and added some lowpoly chao's from SA2

#threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/24cxKkNcfp

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