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Photo of vincentfretin Vincent Fretin
Vincent Fretin @vincentfretin 2022/05/28 16:59

The #threejsJourney blender lessons are the best! First time doing anything with blender. Thanks @bruno_simon pic.twitter.com/aNvNhawwhm

Photo of Reyfenberg Stefan Reifenberg
Stefan Reifenberg @Reyfenberg 2022/05/26 11:36

I revisited the three graces #svelte project and finally understood that using Mesh instead of Primitive gives you access the material. I also did some cleaning, only 76 lines of code left.

#webgl #threejsJourney #threejs #madewithsvelte
@SvelteSociety pic.twitter.com/iYXPNWw6R0

Photo of michalzalobny Michal Zalobny
Michal Zalobny @michalzalobny 2022/05/26 08:49

WebGL vertical slider powered by @threejs with giant cutlery in the background 🍴

Better not watch if hungry 😅

Live: tinyurl.com/rhm727j7
Code: tinyurl.com/2kctksrc

#threejsJourney #webgl pic.twitter.com/tbyfokoULJ

Hi everyone! I am excited to share my very first portfolio
It took me a while longer than anticipated, but here it is: thebenezer.com

PS: I am currently looking for jobs. If you're looking for a #Developer , I'd love to hear from you!📩

#threejs #webgl #portfolio pic.twitter.com/BdIFqQWCmL

Photo of Andersonmancini Anderson Mancini
Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/05/25 14:45

Doing some interesting experiments for the @gamersgoldgg login screen in #threejs. Using the particle system is extremely pleasurable as it allows animate many elements with a good performance. I'll show you how to do it once I finish 😊. #creativecoding #webgl #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/n1YuCv7PbS

All room models for my website are loaded in @threejs editor. Still refining to be done, but happy with the progress in the past 2 weeks. Testing screens will be video textures and the site will be scavenger hunt galore 😁

#ThreeJS #ThreeJSJourney #WebDev #Javascript pic.twitter.com/xsSYeSAeHy

Photo of Andersonmancini Anderson Mancini
Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/05/20 14:50

Live: threejs-graces.tiiny.site
Source: github.com/ektogamat/thre…
As promised, the final version with the live link and source code of the "Three Graces" using #threejs. Now with a magnetic menu 😍. Made possible by @dasTom, @bruno_simon, and @mrdoob #creativecoding #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/GyNhibAPSv

Photo of Reyfenberg Stefan Reifenberg
Stefan Reifenberg @Reyfenberg 2022/05/19 08:54

Hey @Andersonmancini, @dasTom, @0xca0a I tried to recreate the three graces in #svelte using svelte-cubed. Looking pretty cool so far except the model material is not working.
#creativecoding #webgl #threejsJourney #threejs #madewithsvelte @SvelteSociety pic.twitter.com/I3mdpqFLO7

Another site iteration: Modeling + texturing all of it from scratch for better performance & to prove to myself I can do it. Got this part looking great in @threejs 👌 I'm still wowed by all I've learned.

#threejsJourney #webgl #webdev #Blender3d #Substance3DPainter #javascript pic.twitter.com/wGMYqXucAE

Photo of michalzalobny Michal Zalobny
Michal Zalobny @michalzalobny 2022/05/18 08:21

Seamless page transitions in @nextjs using @threejs

Most logic is written in pure javascript, I have only used react-transition-group to get the handle on the page's mounts and unmounts

Live: tinyurl.com/4rb2s5vc
Repo: tinyurl.com/bdmaa24w

#threejsJourney #React pic.twitter.com/aZbus33ENA

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