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Photo of Reyfenberg Stefan Reifenberg
Stefan Reifenberg @Reyfenberg 2022/06/26 17:30

Here is my entry to the @TiinyHost #threejs competition.
A scrollytelling exploring the westportal of the "Church of our Lady" in my birthplace @Stadt_Trier. Model by @sven_s8.
Code: github.com/stefanreifenbe…
#threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/9IdGK3rBsT

After months of fighting with physics, my first personal website is finally here! 🥳🥳
I will still need to fix some bugs and add sound effects maybe in the next version.


@bruno_simon @polygonrunway @romanklco
#threejs #threejsJourney #blender pic.twitter.com/iE8NeB6OoP

Photo of Andersonmancini Anderson Mancini
Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/06/24 18:25

Starting another project. This time a jewel configurator in #threejs. I know there are many out there already, but my journey wouldn't be complete if I didn't make one 😀. Soon, the live link. #Blender3d #creativecoding #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/jAaiRJ9fWp

Experimenting with #threejs. Thank you #threejsJourney for being a great teacher! pic.twitter.com/loxWDshOYG

Ok, I think that's it for this. Took a while to get around to finishing but i'm pretty happy with the results.

Big thanks to @bruno_simon for his #threejsJourney course. It's by far the best online course I have ever done!

See it in live: livingroom-nine.vercel.app pic.twitter.com/gj4aXkoQtG

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Photo of TomT0m1 Tom@LookingForNewJob
Tom@LookingForNewJob @TomT0m1 2022/06/21 22:43

Playing around three.js🙂

#webgl #threejs #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/TPUIL22hyz

Photo of ElementsLibrary Elements Library
Elements Library @ElementsLibrary 2022/06/18 06:23

ThreeJS Scene Builder for Elementor.

A unique widget in the @elementoR and #wordpress space that helps you create interactive 3D scenes right from your editor.

#3D #webgl #threejs #creativecoding #threejsjourney #elementor pic.twitter.com/FUTOmCHqnV

Photo of Andersonmancini Anderson Mancini
Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/06/17 13:02

Live link: threejs-archviz.vercel.app
Very happy to finish another #archiviz project in #threejs. Many things remained to be added, such as vegetation, more decoration objects. I will do an evolved version of this project soon. Hope you like it 😀. #threejsJourney #creativecoding pic.twitter.com/tsEAJcVhtx

Photo of michalzalobny Michal Zalobny
Michal Zalobny @michalzalobny 2022/06/16 14:01

Stack Tower game made with @threejs 🎮 Inspired by @HunorBorbely tutorial

🌟 It was one of my first projects done in 3D

Live: bit.ly/3xU0bUD
Code: bit.ly/3zWYaJ5
Tutorial: bit.ly/3mS5Ggp

🧵 Thread with resources I used for my creative dev journey ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/MFcmuEmWUC

Photo of Andersonmancini Anderson Mancini
Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/06/16 13:00

As promised, that model exported from #Blender3d is now inside #threejs, running at 60FPS 😍. I show a little bit of the scene optimization process. In the next video, the interface and the live link. #threejsjourney #creativecoding #webgl #archiviz pic.twitter.com/TKqDqs1mWQ

Photo of evantinmar evan 🇵🇱
evan 🇵🇱 @evantinmar 2022/06/15 09:16

🎉 Work in progress for our graduation project at @gobelins_paris

As usual made with @threejs ✌️ #ThreeJSJourney

dev - me & @tardiwave
design - @AmbroiseNicolao @daniMCL4 @keziah_art
sound - Timon Idrissi pic.twitter.com/2B73qUTipg

Photo of JayMasterBee Jean-Baptiste Giffard
Jean-Baptiste Giffard @JayMasterBee 2022/06/14 20:00

Playing with @threejs and hexagone for the launch of @TeamVitality V.hive landing page 🐝 : vhive.vitality.gg
Concept, design and Dev ^^
#threejsJourney #NFT pic.twitter.com/8jcr5J7mKA

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