General Conditions of Sale and Use 📚

The last update of these General Conditions of Sale and Use dates from July 4th, 2021.

These General Conditions of Sale and Use (the "Contract") govern the relationship between:

Any Internet user who subscribes to the website edited by CREATIVE JOURNEY (hereinafter referred to as "the User")



The Simplified stock company (single-shareholder company) CREATIVE JOURNEY (hereinafter referred to as "TJJ")

On the other hand,

Each individually a “Party” and together the “Parties”.

TJJ offers paid access to a digital Three.js online learning platform which is available at the following internet address ("the Platform").

Article 1: Purpose of the Contract

The purpose of the Contract is to define the terms of access and use of the Platform by the User.

Any User wishing to access the Platform must have previously consulted the Contract.

In addition, when registering, the User is invited to accept the Contract by checking the box provided for this purpose.

If the User refuses to comply with any of the obligations and conditions contained in the Contract, he must renounce accessing and using the Platform published by TJJ.

The User declares to be of legal age, or to be an emancipated minor, or, if this is not the case, to have obtained the consent of his parents or of his legal representatives to access and use the Platform.

TJJ reserves the right to modify the Contract at any time.

Any modification will take effect immediately from the posting of the new version of the Contract on the Platform.

The User therefore undertakes to regularly consult the Contract to take note of the modifications made to it.

The User is free to unsubscribe and stop all use of the site published by TJJ if the amended Contract does not suit him. Failing this, he will be deemed to accept the new version of the Contract without reservation.

Article 2: Registration to the Platform

To follow the paid online training, the User must register by creating an account on the Platform.

The User may register for the Platform by manually filling in the fields of the registration form, using complete and accurate information.

The username and password defined by the User will be strictly personal and confidential and the User must keep them and use them in such a way as to preserve their strict confidentiality.

To complete the registration, the User will pay for the training at the price indicated in American dollars (US $), all taxes included at the time of registration, which constitutes acceptance of the TJJ offer under this Agreement. TJJ will acknowledge receipt by sending an email confirming payment and finalizing registration.

The cost of the electronic communication services required to access the Platform remain the responsibility of the User.

The User alone will be authorized to access the Platform using his username and password. Any use of the Platform by means of these username and password is deemed to have been made by the User himself.

The User is responsible for the use of the Platform and for all actions carried out within the Platform with his username and password, unless the use of his account was made after unsubscribing.

Article 3: Means of payment

TJJ offers various payment methods, some of which are managed by partners and payment providers for which special conditions and additional charges may apply. The User must be aware of these special conditions and any additional costs before confirming their registration. These payment services are provided by the payment providers concerned under their sole responsibility.

Article 4: Right of withdrawal

In accordance with Article L. 221-28 of the French Consumer Code, the User acknowledges understanding that the Three.js training is digital content not provided on a physical medium, the execution of which began when registering for the Platform, and that he expressly waives his right of withdrawal.

Article 5: Intellectual Property

All the technical, graphic, textual or any other elements constituting the Platform (in particular texts, graphics, photographs, images, videos, sounds, graphic charter, source codes, names, brands, logos, visuals, databases, etc. ) as well as the Platform are the exclusive property of TJJ.

The User acknowledges that no property of any kind is transmitted to him, and that no right or license is granted to him, other than a right to use the Platform in accordance with these during the term of the Contract, and rights to use the training.

Consequently, except with the express prior authorization of TJJ, the User undertakes not to:

  • Reproduce, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, any element, and in particular any text (with the sole exception of the examples of lines of code provided in the training exercises), image or video, present within the Platform;
  • Integrate all or part of the content of the Platform into a third-party site, for commercial purposes or not;
  • Copy any element, whatever the medium, present within the Platform, and in particular any text (with the sole exception of the examples of lines of code provided in the training exercises), image or video, present within the Platform.

Consequently, any unauthorized use of elements of the Platform engages the civil and / or criminal liability of its author and may result in legal proceedings against him.

Article 6: Protection of Personal Data

TJJ collects and uses the User's personal data in compliance with the provisions of French law n ° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 known as “Informatique et Libertés”.

The purpose of the data collected is:

  • The proper functioning and improvement of the Platform;
  • Sending information by email to Users;
  • Managing TJJ's relationship with its Users (customer files, invoicing, contractual management, customer support).

TJJ does not transfer any personal data to third parties.

These data are stored within the European Union.

TJJ undertakes not to infringe on the User's privacy and to take all useful precautions to preserve the security and confidentiality of his personal data and in particular to prevent them from being modified, damaged or communicated to unauthorized persons, subject to the obligations that may fall to him within the meaning of French law n ° 2004-575 known as for Confidence in the Digital Economy.

The User has, with regard to all data collected or generated by his use of the Platform, a right of opposition, access, rectification and deletion.

The exercise of these rights will be done in compliance with the conditions provided for by the French Law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6th, 1978, by sending the request to TJJ by email at the following address:

In this case, the User must specify his name and first name, and attach a copy of the front / back of a valid identity document, so that TJJ can verify his identity.

Article 7: Cookies

In order to allow the User not to have to identify himself each time he accesses the Platform during the same day, except during the first access, TJJ uses session cookies. These files stored on the computer allow the User to be identified during each of his connections to the Platform.

In addition, TJJ uses audience measurement cookies such as the number of pages viewed, the number of visits, the activity of Users within the Platform and their frequency of return, in particular thanks to the services of Matomo Analytics. These cookies only allow the establishment of statistical studies on the traffic of the Users of the Platform, the results of which are completely anonymous.

The User can access all the information contained in the files relating to the cookies used by TJJ in accordance with the provisions of the “Informatique et Libertés” French law of January 6th, 1978, by sending the request to TJJ by email at the following address :

In this case, the User must specify his surname and first name, and attach a copy of the front / back of a valid identity document, so that TJJ can verify his identity.

In general, any User can, if he wishes, oppose the use of cookies used by TJJ by selecting the appropriate parameters of his browser to disable cookies.

Article 8: Responsibility of TJJ

TJJ will only be liable for direct damage suffered by the User, which it will be established that they result from the non-performance by TJJ of its obligations.

On the other hand, TJJ can in no way be held responsible:

  • Damage which would result from the fact of the User, from difficulties inherent in the functioning of the Internet network and more generally of the telecommunications networks, whatever their nature, due to a third party or a case of force majeure;
  • Indirect damages resulting from the use of the Platform, these being defined without limitation as operating losses (turnover, income or profits), loss of opportunities, image damage or reputation, commercial or economic damage;
  • Any loss of data suffered by the User, even if it is due to TJJ.

Article 9: Termination of the Contract

9.1. By a User

Each registered User can request the deletion of his account by sending his request to TJJ by email at the following address: He can also do it from his profile.

Unsubscribing will result in termination of the Contract.

This termination will take effect within a maximum period of fifteen (15) working days from the receipt of the unsubscription request by TJJ, and this, subject to the User no longer being engaged on that date.

9.2. By TJJ

TJJ reserves the right to block the User's access to all or part of the Platform's functionalities, temporarily or permanently, or to unilaterally terminate the Contract, without prior notice or formality and without any compensation, in the event of breach by the User of his obligations under the Contract or of any applicable legal or regulatory provision.

Termination of the Contract will result in the immediate unsubscription of the User, regardless of any damages to which TJJ may claim in compensation for the damages resulting for it from the contractual breaches of the User.

In addition, TJJ reserves the right to terminate the Contract at any time without having to justify any reason, subject to a notice period of one month from the notification of said termination to the User.

Article 10: Duration of the Contract

The Contract is concluded for the entire duration of use of the Platform by the User.

Article 11: Applicable Law

The Contract is governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute between the Parties regarding the validity, performance or interpretation of the Contract, the Parties undertake to cooperate diligently and in good faith with a view to finding an amicable solution.

If no amicable agreement is reached within 2 (two) months from the notification to the other Party of such a dispute, exclusive jurisdiction is attributed to the competent courts within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Paris.