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Stefan Reifenberg @Reyfenberg 2022/05/19 08:54

Hey @Andersonmancini, @dasTom, @0xca0a I tried to recreate the three graces in #svelte using svelte-cubed. Looking pretty cool so far except the model material is not working.
#creativecoding #webgl #threejsJourney #threejs #madewithsvelte @SvelteSociety pic.twitter.com/I3mdpqFLO7

Another site iteration: Modeling + texturing all of it from scratch for better performance & to prove to myself I can do it. Got this part looking great in @threejs 👌 I'm still wowed by all I've learned.

#threejsJourney #webgl #webdev #Blender3d #Substance3DPainter #javascript pic.twitter.com/wGMYqXucAE

Michal Zalobny @michalzalobny 2022/05/18 08:21

Seamless page transitions in @nextjs using @threejs

Most logic is written in pure javascript, I have only used react-transition-group to get the handle on the page's mounts and unmounts

Live: tinyurl.com/4rb2s5vc
Repo: tinyurl.com/bdmaa24w

#threejsJourney #React pic.twitter.com/aZbus33ENA

@bruno_simon @threejs ADDED A GENERATE FUNCTION to randomize the values of DAT-UI #threejs #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/X5CcHErvC8

Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/05/17 15:02

From the first time I saw this work by @dasTom I was fascinated. I wanted to show that creating it using #threejs is not as difficult as it looks. It has only 240 lines of code. The live link and the source code will be published this week. #creativecoding #webgl #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/bE9716heur


Hi everyone!!
I'm excited to present my first big project in #threejs I hope you like it our project.🌎🐾

✨ Thanks to @bruno_simon and it's wonderful course #threejsjourney 🤩

I'm currently looking for a job 🤭 in case there is anyone interested 🫡
#javascript #webgl pic.twitter.com/1hjcLuvy0o

Jay Linsell @JayLinsell 2022/05/16 06:41

Physics are in!

It's a rough start, but they're in, and I'm having too much fun with this now. Also decided to go back to the orignial blue/purple colours, and even added face paint.

#threejs #blender #threejsJourney #eyeNeedsFixing pic.twitter.com/IjUdXZAqPA

Veerbal Singh @veerbal01 2022/05/12 13:40

Today, I just learnt to load 3d models and play animations inside it.

Check it out.

Made using #threejs #threejsJourney #javascript pic.twitter.com/pA9ppBT80g

Henry Heffernan @henryheffernan 2022/05/09 14:03

I’m incredibly excited to finally share my portfolio!


I began this project in March and I’m super happy with how it turned out. Huge thanks to @bruno_simon for the inspiration and his #threejsjourney. Also, I’m currently looking for a job, DMs are open! pic.twitter.com/9I1tpEWQky

Teaser for my final project at university - the <unk> machine.

✨ Live experience: the-unk-machine.vercel.app

I poured my heart into this project, hope you enjoy!

(Best on desktop in Chromium browsers.)

#threejs #creativecoding #webgl #b3d #threejsJourney #MachineLearning pic.twitter.com/JcLUfHtfPW

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