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car-testground.netlify.app fixed the bug that was messing with the frame rate thanks to someone in the #threejsjourney discord. Now I can use this base to make a full mini #game. #javascript #threejs #webdevelopment pic.twitter.com/Gu3KZFEvLJ

Chris C Williams @ccardwilliams 2021/10/15 18:33

@0xca0a tweaked an example from @bruno_simon's #threejsJourney where scroll position changes some shader uniforms codesandbox.io/s/scroll-lands… pic.twitter.com/ZMJWOvisuR

Akbar Bakhshi @AkBakhshi 2021/10/15 15:54

unwrapped and baked - imported with ThreeJS

#threejs #threejsjourney #Blender3D #javascript

P.S.: I know that I need to probably bake again (or maybe even do a better job unwrapping), but it is a good start.. Maybe a better lighting too :)
Any suggestions? pic.twitter.com/fAeYEUdU86

Lukas Guschlbauer ☻ @derlukasg 2021/10/15 14:27

Chapter I of #threejsjourney: Done! 🙌 pic.twitter.com/vEeMN5CkHU

Akbar Bakhshi @AkBakhshi 2021/10/13 02:26

Modeling my little home office in Blender.. What do you think? Any suggestions are very appreciated.
Next, it's time to unwrap and bake..
Thanks to @bruno_simon and his great course #threejsjourney
#threejs #blender #homeoffice #webgl pic.twitter.com/xs88X6EcoF

I have added some models of ghosts, trees and some sound to the scene, started from the Haunted House of @bruno_simon made in his threejs journey course.

Link: haunted-house-daniyal857.vercel.app

#threeJSJourney #threejs #webgl pic.twitter.com/50W0l5vXyF

Jacob Galito (open for work) @lavosbit 2021/10/07 20:11

Time to show off my burger. About to wrap up lesson 22 of @bruno_simon’s #threejsjourney course. #threejs #blender pic.twitter.com/SwFzSlJ2Zk

Learning about shaders with #threejsjourney #threejs
I couldn't be more than happy with this course 🤓 pic.twitter.com/850diVODZP

Thoma Lecornu @LecornuThoma 2021/10/03 18:42

Hey !

I share with you my first project made at @gobelins_paris. A futuristic chatroom in WebGL done with #threejs and #GSAP.

Made with the help of #threejsJourney and @akella's videos.

Model by Oscar Creativo → oscarcreativo.co

See it live → aeson.thomalecornu.fr pic.twitter.com/Czy8QQVh1Y

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