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Photo of jonny0_0 Jonny Reid
Jonny Reid @jonny0_0 2022/10/05 10:05

Testing out cube mapping for the lighting. First time I've used them. This is the env map from the three.js journey course. Would be good to find some studio lighting maps.

#threejs #webgl #threejsjourney #web3d #interactive3D pic.twitter.com/WwRP6PUfNk

Photo of Andersonmancini Anderson Mancini
Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/10/04 14:57

Clonable here: webflow.com/made-in-webflo…. Check out the result of this amazing clone created with my friend @dieg0liv using #threejs, @pixotronics, and @greensock for the @webflow user community. Feel free to clone, adapt, make it yours! We hope you like it 😍. #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/PrxM8PkU78

Photo of RageyUps Rishabh Upadhyay
Rishabh Upadhyay @RageyUps 2022/10/04 14:13

Just deployed my Personal website at:

After hours and hours of work finally was able to finish this with help of react-three and threejs docs!!

Big thanks to @akella and @bruno_simon .

@threejs @reactjs

#Web3 #webdev #threejs #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/iXKmtibjqm

Photo of jonny0_0 Jonny Reid
Jonny Reid @jonny0_0 2022/10/03 20:49

Setting up a product demo with this Polaroid Go model.

I need to load in the rest of the model and fix up the lighting and materials. I'd like to aim for a realistic render on this one.

#threejs #webgl #threejsjourney #web3d #interactive3D pic.twitter.com/riBIYkAIYd

Photo of Andersonmancini Anderson Mancini
Anderson Mancini @Andersonmancini 2022/10/03 15:20

😊Free course part 2 using #threejs, @greensock, and @pixotronics is live. Let's learn how to make the last section of the page enable interaction with the model and get everything ready to configure it. Hope you like it! #threejsJourney pic.twitter.com/BNEePi0sfO


The inspiration
Huy Phan(huyml.co) x @mChanhdev,
The blend
@bruno_simon's #threejsJourney
The design
Me, @figma , touchpad
The code
@lhbizarro's awwwards course pic.twitter.com/KEk0X1K737

Tweet image Tweet image Tweet image Tweet image
Photo of jonny0_0 Jonny Reid
Jonny Reid @jonny0_0 2022/09/27 08:54

Getting the colour switch working on this product demo.

Testing on a tree I had handy.

#threejs #webgl #threejsjourney #web3d #interactive3D pic.twitter.com/G92gHTEQ8y

Photo of giuliocollesei Giulio Collesei
Giulio Collesei @giuliocollesei 2022/09/26 18:47

💬 Yeiii!!

I just released my brand new 💫 #portfolio

🌌 theycallmegiulio.com

I got inspired by the very valuable course I made this summer @bruno_simon #threejsJourney and of course, by one of my favorite movie, Blade Runner 🤖 🙈

#threejs #webGL pic.twitter.com/T6Lm9lektb

Photo of michalzalobny Michal Zalobny
Michal Zalobny @michalzalobny 2022/09/21 12:21

More experiments with #GLSL shaders 🪄

Live: bit.ly/3RYOJyt
Code: bit.ly/3U0n5CZ

Inspired by @akella and @lhbizarro work

#threejsjourney #threejs #webgl pic.twitter.com/V82D5HxxIe

Photo of bamojk Bimo Tri. P
Bimo Tri. P @bamojk 2022/09/17 17:20

Another Saturday night date with @webflow, @threejs, and @greensock

adding a little shader🧀🧀 background to the scene, and a detail page to complete the project.

would be releasing this soon✌️

#webflow #webgl #threejs #threejsjourney #webdesign #Webdesigner #webdevelopment pic.twitter.com/qdL2ab2Mfu

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